Personal Stories

Why is the computer important to you and how will it help you?

Due to health reasons I had to drop out of school and have been unable to find work due to my condition.  I would like to have access to a laptop at home to be able to take online courses; however, I cannot afford it while on government assistance.

I have 5 children with my 2 oldest currently enrolled in grades 7 and 6. They are receiving a lot of homework that requires a computer and we do not own a computer as it is out of my budget to get them one. My 3 younger children have access to an amazing learning website at their school but are unable to access these amazing tools at home due to not having a computer at home. I feel they are missing out on learning because of my not being able to afford them computers. I try really hard to give them everything they need, even over my needs but computers are still too out of my reach to be able to afford. I feel I am letting them down. 

My partner was killed last year and I was left homeless and found out a month later that I was pregnant with our child. Since then I was on the streets and then got into a shelter for women with children - 4 days before our beautiful little girl came into the world. She is 4 months old now and we just recently got our own little apartment in Toronto community housing. Things are looking up for us!! That being said I plan to go back to work part time when she is a year old and I could really use a computer for some upgrading online courses and any kind of assignments that will need to be completed on a computer. It's hard to get out to a library to use one when I have the baby at all times. I do not tell this story as a way for people to feel sorry, I tell this story as this is my reality and due to community supports, donations and resources ( such as this laptop opportunity) me and my daughter are both doing well and overcoming what seemed impossible in the beginning. 

Getting a laptop would mean the world to my son who will be attending grade six this coming September. He suffers from type 1 diabetes and as a result often tends to miss a lot of school. Thus, diminishing his self-esteem and confidence. Receiving a device would help him out immensely (in building him back into the brilliant student he is). 

I am a single mother who suffers from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome type 2. It has spread from my right arm in 2007 to my entire body by 2012. I am desperately trying to get my two daughters who have gone most of their lives with out a computer for home work and feel at the ages now of 11 and 13 they need to have access to these amenities. Being on a lower income we are already subject to less health care, less financials and less opportunity for equality heck we even have to resort to eating foods outdated and not wanted from others. I feel that both children are not gaining their potential as I am unable to get out of bed let alone drive them to town for a library. Please help them gain better technology!

I need a computer is because I am currently attending a post secondary school and I do not have any access to a computer at home. I always use the Toronto public libraries to do my school work. It will be a lot easier for me to do my school work at home versus using a public computer. Also, with the public computer libraries there is a limited time to use within one day (i.e. 60 minutes). Having a computer will be help to access my work/notes and to communicate with my teachers and other people in my community. I commute from Toronto to Oshawa to attend Ontario Tech University every single day by using public transportation (i.e. subway, GO buses/ train). Therefore, If I get a computer it will be less of burden to deal with on top of other things I am currently dealing. Plus, I need a computer for my education and I have no one to help me. 

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful support aiding my family and getting us the appropriate computer that suits our needs.  Being a single mother of 6 children between the ages of 2 to 17 years old and also being in the middle of looking to move, it is nice to now have the tools needed, and that there is an organization that cares about the communities needs.  I am grateful for you Let's Get Together!