Need a computer?

We collect and refurbish used devices to circulate them back to the individuals and families in need across Ontario.

How it works

We work with various partners to get donations and organize special TechCollect Drive events across Ontario. 

Reusable equipment, such as laptops, desktops, monitors, and other peripherals, are wiped/erased and refurbished with the support of the Tech4All Youth and the Edutechconnect volunteer teams. The rest is responsibly recycled through DnC Metal Recycling, RCT and Electronics Recycling Association. 

Through special grants and financial donations, eligible applicants become owners of these refurbished devices.

Before becoming device owners, eligible applicants are asked to complete mandatory technology training and referred to Rogers Connect for Success that provides low cost internet service to families in need and other support programs (if applicable).

 Our inventory varies and depends on the quantity and quality of the donations received. 


Fill out the application below to apply for a refurbished device. 

We will follow up with what options are available and the next steps.

Please note that due to increased demand,
this process might take longer than usual. 

Who is eligible

Individuals and families living in a community with population 500,000 and over with income below these limits (based on Low-income cut off 2021 before tax amounts):

Net income threshold:

1 person family = 27,514

2 persons family = 34,254

3 persons family = 42,111

4 persons family = 51,128

5 persons family = 57,989

6 persons family = 65,401

7 persons or more = 72,814

Proof of income

Acceptable forms of proof of income: 

(most recent proof of financial assistance from)


Our inventory of refurbished devices is limited and currently the demand is extremely high.
Please check back at the end of May for an updated list of other refurbished computer suppliers.