Computers and e-waste

We collect and refurbish used devices  to circulate them back to the individuals and families in need across Ontario.


Narrowing digital divide!


With the support of community organizations and businesses, we collect used devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets and phones, to refurbish and circulate them back to the individuals and families in need across Ontario. 

We see computers as the “new backpacks” and believe people of all ages should have them at home to pursue their education, employment, have access to support resources, and connect with others especially during these difficult times.


In the News

Device drive closes youth digital divide

Published on Sept 30, 2021  by Catherine Soplet 

“We need more computers.” says Alison Canning, founder of Let’s Get Together (LGT), a nonprofit on a mission to connect parents, youth and communities with...

Used technology collection drive taking place in Mississauga this weekend

Published on Oct 16, 2020 

If you have any old cellphones or laptops laying about your house, this weekend might be a good opportunity to get rid of them and donate to a community cause...

Etobicoke nonprofit provides affordable computers to families in need

Published on June 16, 2020 Etobicoke Guardian 

A computer in every Canadian home. That’s Alison Canning’s ultimate goal for “creating tech-savvy communities.”

Canning’s nonprofit organization...

Etobicoke-based nonprofit helps families obtain affordable computers

Published on June 26, 2018  Etobicoke Guardian

An Etobicoke-based nonprofit organization is partnering with a computer firm to give low-income north Etobicoke families access to affordable, renewed desktops...