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Through special grants and financial donations, we help eligible applicants become owners of refurbished devices. We do everything we can to keep the costs minimal. You can help by making a donation to sponsor a computer for someone else.

Looking for a gift idea for a birthday, special celebration or to honour someone? Consider sponsoring a student or family in their name.

The growing need

In the past year alone, we received over 1000 applications for refurbished computers. With the pandemic and a shift to remote learning the need is bigger than ever. We get applications not just from students (all ages) and their families, but now also from schools, agencies, hospitals, shelters, city departments and faith-based organizations on behalf of their clients and members. The computer has become a basic necessity for people to live. The digital divide will only be solved by everyone working together.

The need for computers is overwhelming and it continues to grow everyday.

The computer has become a basic necessity for people to live.

The digital divide will only be solved by everyone working together.


Requests are coming in daily

Homework requires a computer and we do not have one...

I have 5 children with my 2 oldest currently enrolled in grades 7 and 6. They are receiving a lot of homework that requires a computer and we do not own a computer as it is out of my budget to get them one. My 3 younger children have access to an amazing learning website at their school but are unable to access these amazing tools at home due to not having a computer at home. I feel they are missing out on learning because of my not being able to afford them computers. I try really hard to give them everything they need, even over my needs but computers are still too out of my reach to be able to afford. I feel I am letting them down.

Need a computer for post secondary education...

I need a computer is because I am currently attending a post secondary school and I do not have any access to a computer at home. I always use the Toronto public libraries to do my school work. It will be a lot easier for me to do my school work at home versus using a public computer. Also, with the public computer libraries there is a limited time to use within one day (i.e. 60 minutes). Having a computer will be help to access my work/notes and to communicate with my teachers and other people in my community. I commute from Toronto to Oshawa to attend Ontario Tech University every single day by using public transportation (i.e. subway, GO buses/ train). Therefore, If I get a computer it will be less of burden to deal with on top of other things I am currently dealing. Plus, I need a computer for my education and I have no one to help me.

Need a computer for 2 boys with special needs...

Hi there, my son is going into grade seven in the fall and has a series of learning challenges (learning disability, adhd, complex communication disorder and very low working memory) that require heavy reliance on computer assistance. He was approved for a laptop at school but the tech from school must stay on site. He really needs something he can use at home so that he can practice learning and using the various different special programs before he hits high school. Do you provide assistance for kids in middle school years? I have a younger son who is in grade one who also has special needs so the two of them would get extensive use out of any home computer we were able to secure. You are providing a wonderful support. Thank you for the work that you do and as well for any guidance or information you may be able to provide.

Computer would help me with job search...

I am interested to apply for a laptop and a desktop for me and my 6 1/2 year old son. Due to various health reasons I have lost my job and has been unemployed since past few months. Due to broken marriage I went into depression and currently I am recovering. I am constantly looking for job but it's hard as I do not have computer at home, I go to YMCA to do job search. Due to financial crisis I am nearly surviving. My son is starting grade 2 in September and If i qualify i really want to give him laptop and keep desktop for myself to get more involve with the job search.

Computer to help me and my parents...

Computers can be very useful and beneficial for me to pursue my education in an easy and comfortable ways, it can also helps me enhance my learning capabilities in a wide varieties of areas. I could take online courses. After finishing up a lesson, I can still go online to review my notes or a previously recorded Lecture. The best opportunity of having a computer inside the classroom is to search anything within couple of minutes and ask questions to professor. Computer has become an integral part of my college life. In fact, it has also become an everyday skill to survive in this society which requires sending emails, conducting Internet research, creating word processing documents and creating presentations. I can already see a bright future ahead of me if I could get this opportunity and make my life easier to accomplish all my goals and become a successful person. There is an another reason I would use this amazing technology - "computer" - to teach my parents so they could utilize this in their daily life, since for this generation, everything could be done online such as making resume, checking daily emails, etc. My parents are well educated but never had a chance to use computer technology at their time. So it will be a great opportunity for me to help my parents as well as I am taking an advantage to make my college life easier and build up my career.