Tech4All Volunteers 

None of the wonderful work we do could be possible without our incredible volunteering team 


Hi I am Jenson and I am a Digital Literacy Program Volunteer. I got involved with LGT after a chance partnership offered by the University of Toronto, and we ended up working together over the course of 2 academic years. Alison and her team were genuine, full of passion for their work, and dead set on making big changes to education. I found the experience enjoyable and challenging, which convinced me to volunteer with the organization after University. One fun fact about me is that I like telling stories or being a part of them, which led to my love of Dungeons and Dragons.


Hello. I am Hannah. I help seniors in the senior Tech4all program, doing presentations, teaching them to use softwares or answering questions. I got involved one day when I was looking for volunteering opportunities, because I had nothing to do in the summer, and I need some volunteer hours for high school. I originally wanted to help out at a shelter or teach little kids, however my grandma showed me this program. She participated in a senior singing lesson and the person leading their program is apparently also helping Alison. So I emailed Alison and she was super nice, and I became part of the team. One interesting fact about me is that unlike normal border collies (that are smart but shy and sensitive), my amazing dog is hyper and a bit dumb (but I still love him) 


Hello, my name is Gurleen Kailey. I am a Grade 10 student who has been a part of Let's Get Together since 2022. I work as an student ambassador and my work also includes events outreach. Let's Get Together is a great opportunity for students who are trying to Learn, Teach and Grow. 


My name is Aliyah Khan, and I recently became involved with the Let's Get Together Tech4All team after being exposed to it by my brother, and it has inspired me to continue my journey with LGT. My favourite hobbies are badminton and art.