Learning Sessions

with University and College Students

A collaboration between Let's Get Together and Post-Secondary Institutions

Study Management     Grade 9 & 10
Monday, February 13,  5 - 6:15pm

Study Management     Grade 11 & 12
Monday, March 6th,  5 - 6:15

High school students will learn about the different study routines and habits UTM students use that are efficient and adaptable from high school into post-secondary.  High school students will share their current study styles and explore habits that are successful and challenging.


Let's Talk Finance
Friday, March 24th,  5 - 6:15pm

This session will practically explore the components of study financial planning while being a student.  They will reflect on facilitators personal experiences with getting involved on campus and being employed, while gaining an overview of available scholarships and resources. 


Academic Success & Time Management
Friday, March 31st,  5 - 6:15pm

Participants will engage in discussions about student/work/life balance and elaborate on tips for maintaining wellness as a student while discussing its impact for academic success