REFLECT & LEARN: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) - A personal reflection written by Tahoor, Grade 12, Brampton

December 11, 2021, 5pm online workshop with Humber College ADR Students

Workshop organized by LGT Student Ambassador Samar Lidhar, UTM Graduate, Humber College ADR Program Graduate

I recently attended the "Alternate Dispute Resolution Workshop" on December 11th delivered by Humber College Students. They helped me recognize that conflict is a part of normal life. There have been countless times that I've come face-to-face with some type of dispute whether at home or at school. After all, I can't expect everyone to agree with my opinions and views on things. One important takeaway that I had after attending the workshop is that it truly comes down to how we deal with and manage the situation at hand. I thought back to the many conflicts in my life and asked myself, how did I handle them? Is the strategy I used in the past going to be the same approach I would take in the present since I now have a better understanding of the different solutions to resolve conflict? The answer is yes, moving forward, I will strive to use the best conflict resolution strategy that works for me and which also suits the situation of the conflict at hand. I think my go-to strategy would be the collaborating style because I am a cooperative individual who seeks to uphold goals and success as well as maintain positive professional relationships. Which one works for you?

Collaborating Style: A combination of being assertive and cooperative in an attempt to work with others to identify a solution that fully satisfies everyone’s concerns.

Competing Style: Being assertive and uncooperative and only willing to pursue one’s own concerns at another person’s expense.

Compromising Style: Aims to find a mutually acceptable solution that partially satisfies both parties.

Avoiding Style: Not willing to take action, rather it involves sidestepping the issue or simply withdrawing from the situation.

Accommodating Style: The idea of self-sacrificing one's own ideas and opinions in order to accommodate and satisfy the other person.

graphic designed by Tahoor, Grade 12

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