Reflections and Reviews:

Understanding the importance of pursuing Post Secondary Education

Oct 12, 2021 workshop review by Jermaine

During the online information session there was many information and helpful resources that I gathered in helping me to think and prepare myself for Post-Secondary Education. I am more self- aware of the thing that I need in setting up myself in order to make those dreams come true.

I first need to have a plan and connect myself to a network of friends/people to expand in the field am choosing, having a network of friends I can learn from and gain , access, knowledge, and more information I had no idea about would really help me to have a plan and take action to pursue that goal. I do not feel that much financial burden, or lack of financial security having a mother who have been saving for a very long time for that specific reason with that plan in mind I think it takes away the stress of not having to worry about that aspect and I can focus more on other things and figuring out more of a solid plan to go forward in gaining a post secondary education.

Being open minded and knowing what to do exploring my passion and choosing the road I want to be on and understanding why am choosing this is also helping me to have a plan for the future, knowing my strengths and executing it making better choices in life seeing where I want to go the goal, the plan and a vision for my life. Meeting different people from different backgrounds, cultures, getting out from what I am familiar with and identifying others learning from them, will also help me with growth from when I started to where I would be and doing more with all the connections I made to enhance my education and making lifelong friends.

Pursuing a Post-Secondary Education will also help me in understanding what is out there, the shift in what jobs are in demand and what industries I should be looking at and how the changes and effects are taking place for example being updated in technology, the use of different data using and having the skills I need to achieve my goals. Doing research, using some of my soft skills and critical thinking skills, transferrable skills in making myself more engaging, volunteering to understand the working population and retaining the information to help me making betting decisions and to be a more organized person for post secondary education to help me on my journey.

Having the resources that I can gain more information from, is a big help to assist me in narrowing down what I really want to study and to have a firm understanding as to where I go next in creating a future for myself. I know it would not be an easy one but having a good start I think I would be able to adapt and prepare and be less nervous about where I am heading next.