Reflections and Reviews:

Understanding And Making Connections

Oct 12, 2021 workshop Review By Anonymous

This workshop went into detail about universities, college, and life after high school. The whole presentation was interactive. There were some games that were fun and they were constantly asking us questions to answer in the chat and let us ask them as many questions as we needed to. Every presenter was very clear and informative. There were students from several universities telling us about how they got into the school, what they are majoring in, and how it’s different from high school. Also, this made the presentation feel more personal because they shared their personal education journeys.

The presenters really highlighted the importance of post-secondary education. Studies show that pursuing post-secondary education leads to higher salaries and steady jobs. Something I found interesting was when we were shown pictures of celebrities and found out that their majors have nothing to do with what they are doing today. I also know that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. We should never give up or settle for less if something seems out of reach. If we start preparing now, thinking about our future careers and schools, we will set ourselves up for success. What I took away from this was that you don’t have to go into university or college knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life. You can explore and try new things instead. To add, a certain degree or major doesn't lead to a certain job that easily. Just because you graduate with a certain major does not automatically grant you a job in that field. Another thing I have learned is that every program works differently. What I mean is that the application process, acceptance rates, and environment is different for each field of education in university.

Next, we need to build relationships and learn more about ourselves to figure out what type of job we would like to pursue. One exercise we did was a personality quiz. By the end of the questions there were four quadrants. These quadrants represented four different career paths and possible jobs. However, you could be a mix of all these personalities and find a job that’s somewhere in between. There are always options and we shouldn’t limit our options. We should not Pursue a career for the pure intention of being rich, or for the status. It’s important that we know that this career will keep us happy for a long time. Although many people change their paths late in life, or even multiple times before finding their true calling. In conclusion, this workshop was a very informative and fun way to start thinking about our futures.