Reflections and Reviews:

Learning about career paths and post secondary education

Oct 12, 2021 workshop review by JoyGold

The UTM workshop was a way for me to understand more about career paths and post secondary education. During breakout rooms and talks with UTM students, I learned a lot of ways to improve my knowledge on post-secondary education. I believe that this workshop was impactful and extremely educational. This workshop was a huge step into communicating with highschool students on the importance of post-secondary education. This was because it expressed the true meaning of how post-secondary education could directly impact the path to successful dream careers.

As we proceeded in the workshop, the UTM hosts communicated with secondary students on our ideas on post-secondary education. In this conversation, I understood that post secondary education is the educational level after secondary education (high school). In this tertiary stage of education, we are meant to go to university, colleges and institutes to broaden our knowledge on different career/academic fields. This level of education is where we work hard to reach our career goals, therefore it's crucial to academic success. I learned that post secondary education brings benefits. Some benefits include increased job opportunities, economic stability, preparation for the career being specialized in, and personal growth as success in the future is mostly guaranteed. The importance of post-secondary education was mentioned in the workshop and I learned that post-secondary education allows individuals to pursue higher-paying careers, while attaining more income in their lifetime, than individuals who possess just a high school diploma. Furthermore, the workshop discussed how to be successful in education and student life. I learned that making SMART goals and keeping studying a priority is crucial to success. An important note I took was to get involved in school activities as much as possible. This is because it helps to gain new insights on other skills. After the workshop was over, I pondered on the knowledge I got from the workshop. I thought about why I would like to pursue a post-secondary education. I believe that continuing a higher education will allow me to chase my interest, and my driving force which is to earn more money in my lifetime. Going to university is something I would love to do. This is because I would like to gain the quality teachings of the facility, and dig deep into the meaning of independence, maturity, excellence, success, and future opportunities. In addition, my goal is to achieve more knowledge, values, skills, and moral habits. I believe attaining degrees in secondary education could help as an advantage to have a higher standard of living. Education holds great importance, and in my life I would love to chase it as I love learning about new things everyday. Education is needed as it helps people learn to work-hard, grow and develop.

In conclusion, this workshop was a way for me to identify and understand more about secondary education. Discussions on how to be successful in pursuing a higher education, allowed me to ponder on the further routes that I would like to take in the future. I loved all the knowledge I obtained from the workshop, and I believe that I will pursue a higher level education after highschool. Education is something that I prioritize and for my future's sake, I will work hard to attain success.