Help us provide computers for students and families in need!

Your $50 donation will help sponsor a refurbished laptop for those who can’t afford their own devices.

The need for computers is overwhelming and it continues to grow everyday. Just in the last few months we received hundreds of applications for refurbished computers. We have over 1000+ people on our waiting list. Your donation will make a difference and help us reduce the digital divide.

Your donations will help

A terminally ill youth who wanted to play Minecraft games and socialize online with buddies while he was undergoing treatments in the hospital.

A mother of 6 kids who was in the process of moving while trying to ensure her children could do homework from home during the pandemic.

A family whose youngest child had a heart condition and needed weekly doctor check-ins that required costly travel and now can be done via online zoom meetings.

A desperate parent who lost her job during the pandemic and couldn't access the internet to search for and apply for a job, or upgrade her training/certification.

How we do it

We work with various partners to get donations and organize special TechCollect Drive events across Ontario.

Reusable equipment, such as laptops, desktops, monitors, and other peripherals, are wiped/erased and refurbished with the support of the Tech4All Youth and the Edutechconnect volunteer teams. The rest is responsibly recycled through DnC Metal Recycling, RCT and Electronics Recycling Association.

Through special grants and financial donations like yours, eligible applicants become owners of these refurbished devices. We also help them with access to affordable internet.

Other ways you can help

Internet Access

For just $10 per month you can help us connect a household to the internet.

used computers

You or you organization can donate your used, broken and obsolete tech equipment.

Set up your
TechCollect Hub

Work with us to set up a TechCollect Hub where others can donate and access computers.

with us

Become a volunteer to help us organize various events, groups and projects.