Frequently Asked Questions


How can I volunteer with LGT Tech4All?

To volunteer with Let’s Get Together’s Tech4All team, please send us an email with your resume!

What can I gain as a volunteer with Let’s Get Together?

As a volunteer with Let’s Get Together, you will be working, learning, and teaching alongside a team of like minded and powerful youth. Leadership skills, organizational skills, and problem solving skills are just a few of the transferable skills you will be able to gain. You will be working with the community and using your voice to advocate for issues important to today’s youth. Our organization focuses on the youth of tomorrow, and passionate students like you make our projects possible.


How can I host/run a TechCollect Drive at my school/organization?

If you are interested in running a TechCollect and E-waste Drive for your community, please reach out to us at! We would be happy to provide you with our TechCollect Tool Kit and other resources/materials to support you in running a successful event. 

Does Let’s Get Together offer any workshops for children?

Yes! We offer Computer Anatomy Workshops for children, adults, seniors, and families. With a focus on hardware, you will learn about the components inside of laptop and desktop computers, how they work together, computer maintenance tips, and electronic waste and its impacts. This interactive session features knowledge checkpoints and hands-on demos and activities to apply your learning. This workshop can be delivered in various formats depending on the audience and all participants will receive a certificate! Book a Computer Anatomy Workshop Here! 

Customer Service  

Who can I contact if the Computer I received from LGT doesn't work anymore?

Digital Literacy

Who is the Digital Literacy Team? 

The Digital Literacy team at Let’s Get Together and Tech4All Youth connects with people of all ages to confront language barriers and teach them how to navigate in a digital world. We run workshops on various topics such as electronic devices, online safety, privacy and security, and much more! We aim to run programs, events, and activities that will help spread knowledge about technology and make it more accessible for everyone, everywhere.

How can I get involved? 

Look out on the website for event dates and workshops. These will give you the opportunity to learn about technology and get you connected to Let’s Get Together if you want to become involved in the Digital Literacy projects themselves. Branching out and building connections with community is also another way you can help our cause by creating new relationships and sharing experiences. 

Where does Digital Literacy fit in the bigger vision of “Tech for all” and the world? 

Nelson Mandela once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world”. With Digital Literacy, we are equipping everyone with the ability to use their imagination, creativity, and innovation to inspire, empower, and build a better world with all the powerful tools and resources they have available to them. Technology is just the start. Knowing HOW to use it is the key to making it possible. To do that, it will take all of us. Please consider joining us on our mission to reduce the digital divide for all!

CO2 Emissions

What habits can I change to reduce my CO2 carbon email footprint?

Start by cleaning up your email inbox and trash bin every so often, like weekly or monthly. Delete any emails that are of no use or are old emails.  Another habit that can be done is unsubscribing to useless subscriptions you don’t use anymore. Some subscriptions will send you annoying notifications by email and this can create a lot of junk emails. Either unsubscribe from the subscription or block the email of the subscription.

How much CO2 is produced from emails?

In 2019, during the Covid pandemic, 150 million tonnes of CO2 were produced from emails all around the world. That is equivalent to 375 billion miles being driven in a regular car. 

Why is my CO2 email footprint important?

The CO2 footprint of every person is important because the CO2 released from our emails contributes to global warming. This CO2 indirectly causes the melting ice caps, higher temperatures, forest fires, droughts, and floods.The effects can be shown in the forest fire in B.C this past year and the current one ongoing in Hawaii.